SOC 2020 Volume 1: Structure And Descriptions Of Unit Groups

Jobs are recognised primarily by the associated job title. Jobs are classified into groups according to the concepts of “skill level” and “skill specialisation”. Skill levels are approximated by the length of time deemed necessary for a person to become fully competent in the performance of the tasks associated with a job.

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Suicide by occupation, England - Office for National Statistics

Posted: (53 years ago) Mar 17, 2017  · Risk of suicide was around half the national average among science, research, engineering and technology professionals, as well as among those working as business media and public service professionals. Individuals working in sales and customer services roles both had a risk of suicide which was around 40% lower than the national average.

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The National Statistics Socio-economic classification (NS-SEC)

Posted: (53 years ago) 2. Conceptual basis. 2.1 The NS-SEC has been constructed to measure the employment relations and conditions of occupations (see Goldthorpe 2007). Conceptually, these are central to showing the structure of socio-economic positions in modern societies and helping to explain variations in social behaviour and other social phenomena.

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Graduates in the UK labour market - Office for National Statistics

Posted: (53 years ago) Nov 24, 2017  · Examples of non-graduate jobs include receptionists, sales assistants, many types of factory work, care workers and home carers. ... Figure 15b: Average 1 annual pay for graduates 2 with undergraduate degrees 3 in medicine, physical or environmental science, maths or computer science, engineering or architecture 4 and percentage who are male ...

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Consumer price inflation, UK - Office for National Statistics

Posted: (53 years ago) Mar 23, 2022  · More about economy, business and jobs. All ONS analysis, summarised in our economy, business and jobs roundup. Explore the latest trends in employment, prices and trade in our economic dashboard. Use our inflation calculator to see how increases in the cost of living have affected you in the past year. View all economic data.

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