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The FBI has an unparalleled reputation in global law enforcement. From the Watergate investigation to the investigation of the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, the Bureau has a storied history of cracking cases that involve both technical sleuthing and a willingness to follow leads wherever they go… even in the face of immense political or public …

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Posted: (53 years ago) FBI special agents are paid in accordance with the federal government Special Base Rate for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) pay table.. Trainee Pay and Starting Base Salary. New FBI special agents begin their careers at the GL-10 pay grade, with the ten-steps within this pay grade landing at regular intervals within the range of $51,921 – $66,996 as of 2020.

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Posted: (53 years ago) FBI Behavioral Analysis Jobs. FIND SCHOOLS. 1 ... and forensic science. Using a two-pronged approach that utilizes experiential evidence provided by law enforcement personnel along with clinical studies by forensic psychologists, behavioral analyst jobs involve being able to understand the behavior of individuals who threaten national security ...

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Posted: (53 years ago) In 2012 alone, the FBI supported 36,074 jobs including 15,649 women, 8,762 minorities, and 1,281 persons with disabilities. Among these 36,000-plus jobs are 13,913 FBI Special Agents and 22,161 support professionals, including intelligence analysts, language specialists, and information technology specialists, among others.

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