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Pharmaceutical Scientist | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Pharmaceutical Scientist | explorehealthcareers.org Pharmaceutical Scientist Average Salary $104k - 210k Years Higher Education 4 - 6 Job Outlook Very Good Have you ever wondered how a plant or a sponge from the ocean becomes a medication that a …

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Types of Health Careers | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Dental Assistant. Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse. Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic. Home Care Assistance/Aide. Pharmacy Technician. Want to know more? Filter your Career Explorer results by years in school to explore additional options based on how long you’d like to study before entering the field.

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Career Search | ExploreHealthCareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Audiologist (Doctor of Audiology) Salary: $61k - 96k. Behavioral Science/Health Education. Salary: $33k - 86k. Biomedical and Laboratory Practice. Salary: $31k - 78k. Biostatistics. Salary: $33k - 63k. Blood Bank Technology Specialist.

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Health Career Explorer | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Results will display below. Simply click on an image for details about a health career that meets your criteria. By default, our filters are set to zero. Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine Practitioner. Salary: $52,000. Allied Dental Educator. Salary: $40k - …

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Home | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Allied Health Professions. Anesthesiologist Assistant. Blood Bank Technology Specialist. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist. Cardiovascular Technologist / Technician. Medical Laboratory Scientist/Technician. Community Health …

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Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Technician ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Medical laboratory technicians and medical laboratory scientists can find challenging employment in a wide range of arenas, including: Hospital clinical laboratories Commercial or reference laboratories Public health laboratories Pharmaceutical or chemical industries Biotechnology companies Forensic and law enforcement laboratories

Technician Job Description

5 Health Care Careers for the Researcher in You ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Aug 03, 2017  · The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 21% growth rate (7% faster than average) in the health informatics field between 2010 and 2010. This means almost 50,000 jobs will open in the next few years. Informatics combines three …

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Careers in Medicine | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) In its 2020 ranking of best health care jobs, U.S. News & World Report ranked physician assistant (PA) second, and third in best jobs overall. Sometimes referred to mistakenly as physician’s assistants, physician assistants are medical providers who are licensed to diagnose and treat illness and disease and to prescribe medication for patients. They work […]

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Forensic Science | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Forensic science lies at the intersection of science and the law. The word “forensic” comes from the Latin word forensis, which means “to the forum” or with regard to debate or discussion. Forensic scientists contribute to legal debates by applying scientific methods to the investigation of legal problems. Health care providers in this ...

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Health Career Exploration | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) The Self-Directed Search (SDS) is a career interest test that asks questions about your aspirations, activities, skills and interest in different jobs. From the responses, the SDS produces a three-letter code that can be used to find occupations and fields of study that match well with your personality. There is a fee of $9.95 to take the test.

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Allied Health Professions | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions defines allied health as the segment of the health care field “that delivers services involving the identification, evaluation and prevention of diseases and disorders; dietary and nutrition services; and rehabilitation and health systems management.”. There are five million allied ...

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Environmental Health Sciences | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Environmental Health Sciences. Average Salary $44k - 143k. Years Higher Education 6 - 9. Job Outlook Excellent. The air we breathe; the water we drink; the land we build on and the homes we live in… numerous elements of our natural and man-made environment have the potential to affect our health. Our complex interactions with the environment ...

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Dentist | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Dentist. Average Salary $214,070. Years Higher Education 8. Job Outlook Excellent. Dentistry is the branch of the healing arts and sciences devoted to maintaining oral health. It is a dynamic health profession, offering opportunities to become a successful, highly respected member of the community. Dentists enjoy excellent compensation and the ...

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5 Health Care Careers for Extroverts ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Dec 21, 2017  · Does this sound like you? If you consider yourself an extrovert and enjoy connecting with others, you may want to consider these health care careers: occupational therapist, health care interpreter, allied dental health educator, public health nurse or a …

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5 Careers You Might Not Realize are in Health Care ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Aug 31, 2017  · By learning about their jobs and the risks involved, you can determine a plan to increase safety conditions, educate workers and inspect these work sites. There are a variety of ways to land a job as an occupational health and safety expert, but one thing is sure, it involves a lot of math and science. Degree programs like biology ...

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Public Health | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Master of Health Administration (MHA) Master of Science (MS) Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Doctor of Science (ScD) There are over 20 major fields of study. The five core disciplines are: Behavioral science/health education Biostatistics Environmental health Epidemiology

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Forensic Pathologist | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Forensic Pathologist. Average Salary $105k - 500k. Years Higher Education 11 - 18. Job Outlook Excellent. Forensic pathologists, or medical examiners, are specially trained physicians who examine the bodies of people who died suddenly, unexpectedly or violently. The forensic pathologist is responsible for determining the cause (the ultimate and ...

Pathologist Job Description

Forensic Biologist | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Forensic Biologist | explorehealthcareers.org Forensic Biologist Average Salary $27k - 52k Years Higher Education 4 - 8 Job Outlook Excellent Forensic biologists examine blood and other bodily fluids, hair, bones, insects and plant and animal remains to help identify victims and support criminal investigations.

Biologist Job Description

Forensic Toxicologist | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Forensic Toxicologist. Average Salary $34k - 64k. Years Higher Education 4 - 8. Job Outlook Excellent. If you are fascinated by the effects chemicals can have on the human body, this may be the career for you. Forensic toxicologists perform scientific tests on bodily fluids and tissue samples to identify any drugs or chemicals present in the body.

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National Resources for Health Career Education ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Biomedical Science Careers Program, Inc. provides students with resources about biomedical science and other science-related careers. CafeCollege.org is aimed at San Antonio, Texas, residents but anyone who wants more information on …

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Behavioral Science/Health Education | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Behavioral Science/Health Education | explorehealthcareers.org Behavioral Science/Health Education Average Salary $33k - 86k Years Higher Education 6 - 9 Job Outlook Excellent With a career in behavioral science/health education, you help to improve public health by encouraging healthy lifestyles through behavior change and educational outreach.

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Forensic Chemist | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Forensic Chemist. Average Salary $27k - 52k. Years Higher Education 4 - 6. Job Outlook Excellent. Forensic chemists analyze non-biological trace evidence found at crime scenes in order to identify unknown materials and match samples to known substances. They also analyze drugs/controlled substances taken from scenes and people in order to ...

Chemist Job Description

Spotlight on Medical Laboratory Scientists ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Aug 15, 2017  · Medical laboratory scientists — also called clinical laboratory scientists or clinical laboratory technicians — are highly skilled health care professionals who look for the presence or absence of disease and provide data that helps physicians …

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Epidemiology | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Epidemiology is the study and control of disease or injury patterns in human populations. When food poisoning or an influenza outbreak attacks a community, epidemiologist or “disease detectives”, are asked to investigate the cause of disease and control its spread. Epidemiologists work at all stages of the outbreak with other public health ...

Epidemiologist Job Description

Mental Health | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Mental health is a broad field with a wide range of career choices. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her ...

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Medical Librarian | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) According to the Medical Library Association, the starting salary is over $40,000/year, and the average is close to $65,000. Library directors earn up to $158,000. Academic Requirements Medical librarians must have a Master of Library and Information Science degree from a school with an ALA-accredited program.

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Biomedical and Laboratory Practice | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Biomedical and Laboratory Practice | explorehealthcareers.org Biomedical and Laboratory Practice Average Salary $31k - 78k Years Higher Education 6 - 11 Job Outlook Excellent Public health professionals who specialize in biomedical and laboratory practice complete laboratory assessments to identify and diagnose diseases.

Biomedical Job Description

Crime Scene Investigator | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Crime scene investigators (CSIs) go by many names, including evidence technician, crime scene technician, forensic investigator, crime scene analyst, criminalistics officer and more. In the past, most CSIs were trained police officers. In fact, most still work out of police stations today. However, the role is increasingly being given to civilians with scientific, rather than […]

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Sports Medicine | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Sports medicine focuses on helping people improve their athletic performance, recover from injury and prevent future injuries. It is a fast-growing health care field, because health workers who specialize in sports medicine help all kinds of people, not just athletes. Sports medicine professionals treat amateur athletes, those who want better ...

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Biostatistics | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Biostatistics. Average Salary $33k - 63k. Years Higher Education 6 - 9. Job Outlook Excellent. Biostatistics is the science that applies statistical theory and mathematical principals to research in medicine, biology, environmental science, public health and related fields. Public health biostatisticians use mathematical and scientific methods ...

Environmental Science Job Description

Cytotechnologist | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Cytotechnologist. Cytotechnologists are laboratory professionals who study cells and cellular anomalies. Using a microscope, they examine slides of human cells for any indication that a cell is abnormal and/or diseased (i.e., cancerous or precancerous lesions, infectious agents or inflammatory processes). Cytotechnologists often play a crucial ...

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Summer Research Program | ExploreHealthCareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) RP participants are full-time high school or undergraduate students from populations underrepresented in biomedical or behavioral sciences. All students from metropolitan Indianapolis, from surrounding county high schools or from colleges and universities who will meet the following criteria by the program start date are encouraged to apply.

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About this Site | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) explorehealthcareers.org’s mission is to help solve two urgent problems in U.S. health care: The shortage of health professionals in medically underserved communities. We hope to help build a stronger health care workforce by providing easy access to updated, peer-reviewed career descriptions that inspire and motivate students to find health ...

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Summer Medical Programs: Plan Now for Next Year ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Sep 21, 2017  · Stanford Medical Youth Science Program. Stanford University has several summer outreach programs, both for undergraduates and high school students. Among those is the Anesthesia Summer Institute program, which stretches for two weeks and is designed for those interested in STEM careers to spend time working with Stanford faculty members.

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Nutrition/Dietetics | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Nutrition Dietetics Overview. The food we eat has a significant impact on our health, according to a number of scientific studies. Changes in diet can help prevent or control many health problems, including obesity, diabetes and certain risk factors for cancer and heart disease. Dietetics is the science of how food and nutrition affects human ...

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Health Services Administration | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Health Services Administration. Average Salary $37k - 161k. Years Higher Education 6 - 9. Job Outlook Excellent. The field of health services administration combines policy, business and science in managing the human and fiscal resources needed to deliver effective public health services. A career in health services management could include ...

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Pharmacology Archives | Page 3 of 3 | ExploreHealthCareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Often confused with pharmacy, pharmacology is a separate discipline in the health sciences. Pharmacology is the study of how a drug affects a biological system and how the body responds to the drug. ... Related Careers. Medical Science Liaison Salary: $169,541 Pharmaceutical Scientist Salary: $104k - 210k Regulatory Affairs Specialist Salary ...

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The Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP ...

Posted: (53 years ago) The Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP) is designed for undergraduate students to increase interest in and knowledge of public health and biomedical science careers. SPHSP is a partnership of Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, College of Dental Medicine, School of Nursing, and the Mailman School of Public Health.

Biomedical Job Description

Forensic Odontologist | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Forensic Odontologist. Average Salary $150k - 185k. Years Higher Education 4 - 8. Job Outlook Excellent. Forensic odontologists are highly experienced, specially trained dentists who use their expertise to help identify unknown remains and trace bite marks to a specific individual. The forensic odontologist may be called in to do so by police ...

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Occupational Therapy | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) Occupational therapy is a science-driven, evidence-based profession that helps people of all ages to recover from injury, disability or illness and participate in activities of daily living. For example, they might help young children with disabilities participate fully in school or support older adults coping with physical or cognitive decline.

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Health Policy Summer Program | ExploreHealthCareers.org

  Boston, MA

Posted: (53 years ago) Health Policy Summer Program | explorehealthcareers.org Health Policy Summer Program Harvard Medical School Boston, MA. Type Basic Science Research, Clinical Research Description Financial assistance (up to $500) is available towards transportation costs to and from Boston. A stipend as well as room and board is also provided. Eligibility

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Minority Biomedical Research Support Program (MBRS ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Type Basic Science Research. ... (MBRS-RISE) program provides research support for students and faculty and promotes biomedical sciences careers. The program collaborates with off campus research institutions. It also supports travel to scientific conferences. Please contact the Natural Sciences & Environmental Health Office, (662) 254-3377 ...

Biomedical Natural Science Job Description

Behavioral Research Advancements in Neuroscience (BRAIN ...

Posted: (53 years ago) Jan 13, 2012  · Description. Behavioral Research Advancements in Neuroscience is the hallmark program of the undergraduate education arm of the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN), a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center. The program consists of a 10-week summer research and education experience.

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State Resources for Health Career Education ...

Posted: (53 years ago) State Listings Career OneStop – State services page Vocational Information Center – State career education resources State-Specific Listings Alaska – Health Careers in Alaska Arkansas – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Regional Centers California – Health and Science Pipeline Initiative California – Health Careers Training Program California – Health Jobs Start …

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Arts and Humanities in Health | explorehealthcareers.org

Posted: (53 years ago) A background or interest in the arts and humanities also can make you more well-rounded and well-informed. In addition, there are many colleges and universities that now offer interdisciplinary programs such as majors, minors and certificates in the medical and health humanities that complement coursework in the bio- and social sciences.

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