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In addition to synergism, other terms are used to define toxicologic interactions. Additive Effect - This action occurs when the combined effect of two or more chemicals is equal to the sum of the effect of each agents given alone (they do not interact in a direct way); for example:. 2 + 2 = 4. This effect is the most common when two chemicals are given together.

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Posted: (53 years ago) CCOHS was established in 1978 by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Act, which was passed by unanimous vote in the Canadian Parliament.CCOHS promotes the total well-being – physical, psychosocial and mental health – of working Canadians by providing information, training, education, management systems and solutions that support health, …

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Posted: (53 years ago) Aug 02, 2022  · Current science relies on this type of consideration with information from computer generated structure-activity relationships for chemicals. This type of information helps identify the potential for harm so that expensive human population and animal studies can be more targeted or avoided completely. ... Keep a list of all jobs and industries ...

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Emergency Planning : OSH Answers

Posted: (53 years ago) Aug 02, 2022  · Although emergencies by definition are sudden events, their occurrence can be predicted with some degree of certainty. The first step is to identify which hazards pose a threat to your organization.. Since major emergencies are rare events, records of past incidents and occupational experience are not the only source of valuable information.

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