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Project Brief Examples & Templates (Word | PDF)

At some point, you might wonder why a given project doesn’t turn out the way you expected it to be. Usually, this is a common problem experienced by inexperienced marketers and designers. Well, if you have experienced such, it’s probably because you didn’t define the project objectives, expectations, and deliverables earlier on stage. Therefore, to […]

Posted: Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

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Biology Cover Letter (Sample Letter & Examples) + Writing Tips

Posted: (3 days ago) Following your job advertisement on Craigslist, I hereby apply for the position of a biologist in your reputable organization. I have a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of California. I am also a skilled and qualified biologist with seven years of experience (mention at least three skills).

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38+ Letter of Interest Samples & Examples (Writing Guidelines)

Posted: (11 days ago) Example 1. John William 123 main street New York, NY 10014 [email protected] 555-555-555. 24/09/2019. Graham Smith Director, human resources Axis industries

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Nursing Reference / Recommendation Letters (9+ Sample Letters)

Posted: (11 days ago) It is a well-written letter for applying for a position in a highly competitive healthcare institution. The purpose of this letter can be for seeking a job in a clinic, hospital, private practice, surgical center or other medical organization. A nursing reference letter should capture the attention of human resource department manager, and therefore it […]

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Best Internship Cover Letter Samples (and Writing Tips)

Posted: (12 days ago) When applying for an internship, it is vital to have a well-written, polished internship cover letter. An internship cover letter is a letter that that intern will present to the employer they wish to intern for. It highlights the intern’s educational achievements, relevant skills, and qualifications. This letter is the most important document an employer […]

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15+ Sample Recommendation Letters for Internship (and ...

Posted: (13 days ago) For acceptance of any student in an institution for an internship, a recommendation letter with a referee is a necessity. The letter is written by the previous employer, supervisor or a tutor and passed on to the organization or institutions with the aim of aiding the intern secure a vacant for an internship.The letter aids that institution in understanding the character of intern they are ...

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Medical School Letter of Recommendation (Sample Letters)

Posted: (11 days ago) A medical school letter of recommendation is a letter that highlights the academic and professional achievements of a student who is a potential candidate to enroll in a medical school. It is a huge responsibility to become a doctor and the best medical schools would look for the best candidates. This letter is submitted with […]

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College Recommendation Letter (10+ Sample Letters & Free ...

Posted: (4 days ago) It can be a nerve-inducing experience. A bright-eyed high school senior stands in front of you, asking for THE letter. This is an important letter that could change their future: the college recommendation letter. High school teachers are no stranger to being asked for these letters from their students as college application dates approach. But, […]

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Recommendation Letter for a Teacher (32+ Sample Letters ...

Posted: (4 days ago) Some job postings specify that you must be a direct supervisor to the teacher to write a letter of recommendation. If this is the case, a present or former principal, vice principal, school head, director, or someone of similar caliber would be required to write the letter.

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Teacher Recommendation Letter ( 20+ Samples / Fromats ...

Posted: (10 days ago) The most obvious one is a recommendation for a teaching job. That’s not the only occasion, however. A reference letter may be required when applying for participation in a program or a seminar. Moreover, it can be needed when a teacher applies for a master’s degree course or wants to find a job in a private institution or even start ...

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Scholarship Reference / Recommendation Letters (7+ Sample ...

Posted: (10 days ago) According to Jessica Marinaccio, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid at Columbia University, scholarship reference or recommendation letters are important to the admission process and to a student getting a scholarship. A reference letter for scholarship helps an institution to determine the quality of a student’s character and his achievements which goes a long […]

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