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Posted: Friday Jan 22, 2021

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The 10 Highest-Paying Gig Economy Jobs of 2019

Posted: (3 days ago) The gig economy is often mistaken for limited side hustling—part-time work that can only yield part-time (i.e., low) income. If you’re tech-savvy, now is the time to change your perspective. Professionals with the right skills have lucrative freelance options, according to a study.Their research revealed the 10 disciplines with the highest hourly wage in 2018—and the ...

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Entry-Level Marketing Jobs for New College Grads

Posted: (3 days ago) Best Entry Level Jobs for Marketing Graduates . There are many entry-level positions available to college graduates who majored in marketing and related fields, such as international marketing, market research, actuarial or management science, business statistics, or commerce.

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Volunteer Freelance Writing Jobs

Posted: (3 days ago) Treat it like a paid gig. The volunteer coordinator (or development director, or whoever you are reporting to) is the one in charge, and the buck stops there. So if she edits what you write or asks you to make changes, respond with the same professionalism you would for a regular job. When you get busy with your paid work, let your organization ...

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Freelance Writing Rates: How Much Can You Charge?

Posted: (2 days ago) Most businesses hiring freelance writers will prefer to pay by the project or by retainer if they're going to want regular ongoing work. Consumer magazines, online and off, generally pay per word for articles. Trade magazines can be either per-word or a flat fee. Business, technical, and marketing writing work is likely to be priced at a per-hour rate or by the project.

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What Does a Data Entry Clerk Do?

Posted: (3 days ago) The job of data entry clerk is a general office job that includes some standard office skills and can vary from one workplace to another. The basic description of a data entry clerk is a position that involved entering and updating information within a company database.

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What Does a Construction Manager Do?

Posted: (3 days ago) They need to be adept with industry-specific software and have a good working knowledge of all aspects of the job in general. In addition to work experience, construction managers often must hold at least a bachelor's degree in construction science/management or a related discipline, such as civil engineering.

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A Day in the Life of a Construction Manager

Posted: (2 days ago) Jobs in construction management are beginning to attract people from many fields with similar skill sets, including engineering, field work, and project management. There's a reason for the attraction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction management positions are expected to increase 16 percent between 2012 and 2022. And it ...

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Top-Rated Nonprofits Protecting the Environment

Posted: (3 days ago) Are you planning to celebrate Earth Day on April 22?We may have become complacent after Earth Day was born in 1970, but complacency about our environment will not work now.Why? Global warming, wildlife extinction, mass migration of people due to environmental causes.And that's just for starters. Every donor should have a few environmental nonprofits on the

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