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Thailand Wants You If You're From A 'low Risk Country' And

if there is any other place in the world you would like to visit, go there instead. Because, if you come to Thailand, not only will you be required to jump through 1,000 hoops just to be eligible for an STV, it will also cost you an arm and a leg before you even get here.

Posted: Monday Oct 26, 2020

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Cool Jobs You Can Do with a Political Science Degree ...

Posted: (5 days ago) Typical Jobs With a Political Science Degree – Although most people, if asked, would presume the only thing you can do with a degree in Political Science is go into politics or law school, nothing could be further from the truth.. Sure, with a Poli Sci degree, many people go onto law school. Others become Political Consultants, Lobbyists and even Diplomats.

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Minimum Qualifications You Need for a Teaching Job in Thailand

Posted: (2 months ago) The degree can be in any subject – political science, geography, maths, English – it doesn’t matter, neither do the grades you received, but it must be a verifiable degree. Age – You must also be at least 20 years old, as this is the age the Teachers Council of Thailand presumes is the lowest possible age for someone to have a Bachelor ...

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Will a Masters Degree Guarantee You a Higher Teaching ...

Posted: (1 months ago) I worked at a private school in my first teaching job in Bangkok. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and am TEFL certified, and my salary was 51,500 baht (including a housing allowance) or $1,650. Another western teacher also working at the school had a Masters degree in English.

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Permanent residency in Thailand if you purchase a condo ...

Posted: (27 days ago) This is likely to include people who want to develop start-ups, or who are planning on opening a business and creating jobs in fields that are not in science or technology. Independent experts without current work contracts in Thailand may also be included in the new Smart Visa requirements.

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Can a Non-Native English Speaker Get a Job Teaching in ...

Posted: (8 days ago) The woman began at a school in Bangkok as a physical education (PE) teacher and the man accepted a job at a school that needed an interim science teacher. In both cases, they were assigned to teach English classes just a few weeks after starting their jobs, but agreeing to teach other subjects allowed them to get their foot in the door.

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How to Guarantee Job Security Teaching English in a Thai ...

Posted: (1 months ago) Teaching English in Thailand, even if you’re a great teacher, doesn’t always guarantee job security.Thai schools are notorious for letting farang (western) English teachers go at the drop of a hat. Sometimes you’re told why you’re being let go, most of the time the Thai school won’t give you an honest answer.

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The Education System in Thailand: A Terrible Failure

Posted: (2 days ago) Books are limited, science equipment doesn’t exist in a lot of schools, and western teachers in government schools are often unqualified and have no interest in teaching their students anything. Related: Why Asia is the best continent when teaching English

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Should Thai Students Study in Overseas Universities? Look ...

Posted: (25 days ago) If you want a truly stellar education, especially in subjects like medicine, engineering, computer science and MBAs, you’re much better going to a foreign university. When you come back to Thailand, with an overseas degree, your chances of getting a good job will be much higher too.

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What's the Average Salary for an English Teacher in ...

Posted: (6 days ago) That is actually low for a full-time corporate job in Bangkok, where the average salary is 70-85,000 baht a month, but full-time corporate jobs are few and far between. As the company I worked for decided to hire their English teachers through an agency, that meant my salary was less, due to the agency taking a cut.

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