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Posted: Saturday Feb 27, 2021

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Sourcing Candidates | Document Categories | Tribepad Manual

Posted: (19 days ago) The Suitable Candidates screen will list all candidates suggested for the job position being viewed.. Scroll through the list of candidates by clicking the page numbers or arrow icons located above the list of candidates. Click on the Results per page: dropdown and select an option to change the number of candidates listed on each page:. The following information is present for each suggested ...

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Faceted search | Tribepad Manual

Posted: (24 days ago) Note: This field is optional for candidates, so the filter may not return all expected results. To use the Industry sector filter, click on the Select Industry Sectors dropdown to views the industry sector options and select the required sector(s). For example, selecting the Administrative / Clerical option will only return candidates that have this set in their profile:

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