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Baudokumentation Und Mängelmanagement Mit PlanRadar

Software & App für Baudokumentation & Mängelmanagement Effizienz Bauprojekt + 70%, Zeitersparnis + 17%, 9-facher ROI, iOS & Android

Posted: Monday Sep 14, 2020

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Engineers in the film industry - PlanRadar

Posted: (13 days ago) The gargantuan job of leading the art department for a series whose finale was viewed by over 17 million people involved a year-round production schedule, coordinating set construction in 3 or 4 countries at the same time, and making sure the physically crafted worlds looked real enough for viewers to buy into the idea that dragons and ice ...

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Urban agriculture – Food for thought - PlanRadar

Posted: (10 days ago) With the advance of science and greatly improved living conditions, mankind has become quite adept at circumventing the laws of nature. We can cheat and avoid most diseases that used to mean mass annihilation; such as cholera, tuberculosis and smallpox.

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PlanRadar Careers

Posted: (12 days ago) Our Story. PlanRadar is a business-to-business (B2B) software company. Thousands of customers all over the world manage documentation, communication, task and defect management through the PlanRadar app. Recognised as an award winning product for the construction and real estate industry.

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Karriere bei PlanRadar - Jetzt bewerben!

Posted: (11 days ago) In unserem Job-Portal finden Sie alle offenen Positionen bei PlanRadar. Bewerben Sie sich noch heute online.

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Construction Risk Management - Warning signs of failure!

Posted: (19 days ago) A crisis does not happen overnight. The best risk manager is the one that interprets signs best to try and get a sense of future developments. Because when you miss out on reading where the industry winds will blow, it is often too late to catch up. There is a fascinating 19th-century science experiment.

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Construction Administration in the Modern Construction Era

Posted: (1 months ago) Modern Construction – The era of the cloud. While there are many features and functions of PlanRadar the most valuable benefit is the ability to find all project-related administrative elements quickly and easily in one place and to share information instantly. Construction Administrators should take pride in the efficiency and simplicity of their workflows.

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