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Posted: Monday Oct 26, 2020

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View School Leadership Vacancies - Apply Today! | ISS

Posted: (3 days ago) Founded in 1994 as a small independent school, over the past two decades the Cayman International School (CIS) has developed into a leading international school serving the multicultural, ex-pat and local families who live on Grand Cayman in the Caribbean.

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International Teaching Vacancies - View Open Positions | ISS

Posted: (1 days ago) International Teaching Job Postings. Get ready to expand your international teaching career. This past year, we posted thousands of job vacancies from around the world… and there are many vacancies right now, waiting for you to discover them and apply. You can also create your profile to help recruiters find you!

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International Education Jobs - Find Teaching Vacancies | ISS

Posted: (3 days ago) Many hiring schools require a minimum of professional experience and/or professional teaching certifications so to make the ISS-Schrole Advantage membership productive for all schools and candidates, candidates should possess these qualifications.Fairs are open to ISS-Schrole candidates, so you never need a special invite to find international education jobs at these fairs.

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International Teaching Jobs - Teach Internationally | ISS

Posted: (3 days ago) International education is a passion, and for most, a spectacular, wonder-filled experience where educators make life-long global friends and create dynamic classrooms where students learn and discover on the path to being future, global leaders.

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Head of School Searches - Custom Leadership Search | ISS

Posted: (4 days ago) Building a leadership team is an art and a science. For decades, the ISS Administrative Search Team has been conducting head of school searches and connecting international schools with outstanding administrative candidates. Our Senior Search Consultants leverage their vast experience as school leaders in the international community to help ...

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Professional Development for Teachers | ISS

Posted: (6 days ago) Gain access to tools and best practices to help with the real-life challenges of managing school facilities and operations systems. ISS offers school systems audits, context-based staff training, peer-networking, additional advisory services and professional learning options, designed for school leaders and facilities/operations staff.

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The Science of Learning - Teaching Resources | ISS

Posted: (4 days ago) Dr. Kevin Mattingly has been a science teacher, administrator, and athletic coach for 35 years in junior high and high schools. In addition, he has taught graduate courses in learning theory and its practical teaching applications for 10 years at Teachers College Columbia University.

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Qualifications | ISS

Posted: (2 days ago) Qualifications. Counselors. Experienced. Master’s Degree; At least 2 years of current full-time counseling experience in K-12 environment (highly preferred) offering a US, AP, International or IB curriculum (college or university level counseling, community counseling and counseling internships do not count)

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Curriculum and Pedagogy - Resources for Teachers | ISS

Posted: (7 days ago) Science of Learning Connect your practice to leading research about how students learn. What are the key findings about the “science of learning” and what are the implications for teaching?

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