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Posted: Tuesday Feb 23, 2021

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Proposed tax cut to be used for technology instead of jobs ...

Posted: (14 days ago) The proposed tax cut to be used for technology instead of jobs, according to CNBC's website. Trump has proposed the 20-30% tax cut for corporations and the...

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A Breakdown of Stimulus Spending - Finance Globe

Posted: (8 days ago) Tax relief: $288 billion total, including $15 billion for infrastructure and science, $61 billion for protecting the vulnerable, $25 billion for education and training, and $22 billion for energy. State and local fiscal relief: $144 billion to prevent state and local cuts to health and education programs and state and local tax increases.

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Obama Says Plan Could Save or Create up to 4 Million Jobs ...

Posted: (9 months ago) Also up is the percentage of private sector jobs to be saved or created, originally estimated to be 80%. Today Obama said that 90% of the jobs will be in the private sector, with the other 10% going towards saving jobs for teachers, police officers, firefighters and other important public service jobs.

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New Jobless Claims Dip Slightly - Finance Globe

Posted: (1 months ago) Initial claims for unemployment benefits rose by 1,000 to 434,000 for the week ending January 2, the Labor Department reported on Thursday. The four-week moving average, which smooths out weekly volatility, was 450,250, a decrease of 10,250 from the

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Economy & Current Events - Finance Globe - Page 30 ...

Posted: (20 days ago) Page 30 - Introduction and posts of the topic writers. U.S. financial and economic topics from several finance writers.

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Do It Yourself Credit Repair - A Totally Free Guide

Posted: (5 days ago) Credit repair is not an exact science as individuals will have different credit issues to deal with, and may sustain unique responses from the credit bureaus. We are providing this resource as a free tool, and cannot guarantee credit repair based on individual situations.

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Mary Tomkins - Finance Globe - Page 36 - Results from #350

Posted: (15 days ago) Page 36 - Mary Tomkins is a freelance writer located in Spartanburg, SC, with emphasis on economic news and research on the financial industry.

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Who's in College? - Finance Globe Forum

Posted: (1 months ago) Hello fellow members! I decided to find out who is stressed like I am in college. Sometimes if you know someone that is achieving the same goal as you are, it...

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What to do With your Kids This Summer ... - Finance Globe

Posted: (26 days ago) Also, day camps and multi-day over night camps can be enjoyable and full of new activities such as: band, sports, science (STEM),arts and outdoor adventures. Know for myself, went to YMCA day and over night camps with lakes, canoeing, swimming, arts/crafts; Boy Scout Camp living in the outdoor wild for two weeks and the socialization is of note.

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NDYL, Part 5B: Relapse Recovery (Yes, Virginia, there is a ...

Posted: (3 months ago) “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.” True dat, Robert Burns. True dat. I don’t know anything about Mr. Burns, the poet who penned those wise words, but I suspect he must have had children. If all had gone according to plan I would hav

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