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Posted: Friday Oct 30, 2020

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Ten Great Careers in Chemistry - dummies

Posted: (3 days ago) Teaching jobs in chemistry can range from teaching in public middle and high schools (bachelor’s degree required) to junior or community college (master’s degree required) to the university level (doctorate required). At the university level, you get to do research along with your teaching responsibilities.

 Chemist Job Description

Ten Careers in Environmental Science - dummies

Posted: (5 days ago) One of the most important jobs in environmental science is helping people understand the issues related to pollution, environmental damage, and ecosystem health. If you’re interested in spreading the word about environmental issues, you have numerous career options available, including journalism, photography, writing, and public speaking.

 Environmental Science Job Description

Career Opportunities in Biology - dummies

Posted: (4 days ago) Some career opportunities in the field of biology include corporate scientists, university scientists, and specialists in selected fields. Biology scientists do not just mix chemicals in different types of glassware and perform experiments on animals. Some scientists, such as graduate students, those in postdoctoral programs, and technicians, spend most of their time doing experiments, but […]

 Technician Job Description

Career Opportunities in Biochemistry - dummies

Posted: (3 days ago) Graduates at all levels find positions in a wide variety of career areas, including forensics, industrial chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, technical sales, virology, horticulture, immunology, forestry, and so on. But there are more careers one might not normally associate with the field of biochemistry. Research assistant

 Biochemist  Chemist  Biochemistry Job Description

10 Great Forensic Careers - dummies

Posted: (2 days ago) Becoming a police officer and obtaining a degree either in forensic science or one of the physical sciences is the best way to prepare for this job. Forensic pathologist. The forensic pathologist is at the apex of the forensic system of investigation — the top dog, so to speak. But the work of the forensic pathologist isn’t for the faint of ...

 Pathologist Job Description

10 Careers for Neurobiology Students - dummies

Posted: (2 days ago) Brain science can contribute to the human search for truth and the existence of other realms because truth and beauty depend on the human brain. This means that knowledge of brain science and neurobiology should lead to careers in fields like bioethics, where writing and lecturing on the relationship between the brain and mind are essential.

Job Description

Careers For Dummies Cheat Sheet - dummies

Posted: (5 days ago) Which one or two of these are you: a word person, people person, Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) person, hands-on person, or entrepreneurial? Scan the options. Most people consider only a small fraction of worthy careers. A fast way to broaden your options is to scan books that profile lots of careers.

Job Description

10 Types of Jobs that Use Deep Learning - dummies

Posted: (8 days ago) Data Science; 10 Types of Jobs that Use Deep Learning; 10 Types of Jobs that Use Deep Learning. By John Paul Mueller, Luca Mueller . There are a lot of different uses for deep learning — everything from the voice-activated features of your digital assistant to self-driving cars. Using deep learning to improve your daily life is nice, of ...

Job Description

Science - dummies

Posted: (4 days ago) Environmental Science Ten Real-Life Examples of the Tragedy of the Commons The phrase tragedy of the commons, first described by biologist Garrett Hardin in 1968, describes how s...

 Environmental Science  Biologist Job Description

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