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Posted: Monday Oct 26, 2020

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Texas A&M Career Center - Animal Science

Posted: (3 days ago) Students who plan to attend veterinary, medical, pharmacy or graduate school are encouraged to select the science option while students seeking careers in animal production, agricultural extension work, or feed sales usually select the animal production/industry option.

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Texas A&M Career Center - Construction Science

Posted: (3 days ago) Construction Science This major prepares students to enter the construction industry in various positions with the ability to lead, problem solve, and use innovative applications on their construction projects.

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Texas A&M Career Center - Computer Science

Posted: (3 days ago) Computer science is a broad discipline that deals with the analysis, design and synthesis of computer systems and their applications. Computer scientists develop the programs that run computers, from the small ones on your kitchen counter top to the large ones on Space Shuttles and Mars Rovers.

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Texas A&M Career Center - Bioenvironmental Sciences

Posted: (5 days ago) The Bioenvironmental Sciences curriculum (BESC) was designed in consultation with numerous industry representatives in order to comply with the most current thinking on the talents needed for tomorrow’s environmental fields. Students will be prepared for a breadth of career choices in the environmental sciences.

 Environmental Science Job Description

Texas A&M Career Center - Sciences Career Fair - Employer ...

Posted: (28 days ago) The Texas A&M Career Center invites life science, physical science and geoscience companies and graduate and professional schools to participate in the Sciences Career Fair. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet undergraduate and graduate students from 65+ science majors at Texas A&M University.

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