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COVID-19 And Suicide

COVID-19 has brought a raft of intense new stressors while removing many of the resources people have traditionally used to cope with stress. Millions of people have lost their jobs; some have lost their homes or businesses.

Posted: Monday Aug 10, 2020

Job Description: https://www.apa.org/monitor/2020/06/covid-suicide

Interesting Careers in Psychological Science

Posted: (2 days ago) Interesting Careers in Psychological Science The career options for psychological scientists extend beyond faculty and research positions within academic institutions. APA aims to inform both graduate students and established psychologists about the broad range of non-academic positions in which they can apply their scientific knowledge and skills.

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Working in Psychological Science

Posted: (2 days ago) Understanding psychological science and how to apply it is an asset in any career. A psychology degree, from the bachelor’s to the master’s and doctorate degree, helps employees perform in a wide variety of jobs both within and beyond the psychology discipline.

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A Career in Brain Science and Cognitive Psychology

Posted: (2 days ago) The earnings for psychologists working in brain science and cognition vary based on degree, position and experience. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, brain science and cognitive psychologists working as industrial and organizational psychologists earned more than $114,040 a year on average with a median annual salary of $87,330 in 2010.

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What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology ...

Posted: (2 days ago) First, let’s start with the large number of jobs part. Below you can see the Holy Grail list of potential jobs with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I don’t know where this list started, perhaps with Marky Lloyd and/or Drew Appleby, curated over time by Paul Hettich and/or Jane Halonen, but it seems now that I am the curator of “the ...

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Job Search - American Psychological Association

Posted: (4 days ago) Visit our online career center to find a list of jobs, career information, job posting opportunities and more. Find a job. Here to Help Have a question about APA membership? Contact Us. ADVERTISEMENT. ADVERTISEMENT. Advancing psychology to benefit society and improve lives. ... Science of Psychology ...

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Careers in Psychology

Posted: (3 days ago) In the APA Careers section, you can learn about psychology careers and find training events and professional development, look for a psychology job using PsycCareers, see salary data and find early career resources.

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Pursuing a Career in Clinical or Counseling Psychology

Posted: (2 days ago) They apply psychological science in their work in ways that range from helping patients overcome depression or anxiety to better understanding how to manage stress. Others specialize in physical health concerns and help patients manage diabetes or other chronic illnesses. Still others specialize in working with the elderly and the challenges of ...

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Pursuing a Career in Social Psychology

Posted: (2 days ago) Social psychology is the study of how individuals affect and are affected by other people and by their social and physical environments. The work of social psychologists allows us to have a better grasp of how group dynamics influence our choices and actions and provides insight into how our social perceptions affect our interactions with other people.

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A Career in Climate and Environmental Psychology

Posted: (2 days ago) Climate and environmental psychologists seek to improve the interactions of people with the world around us. They work in areas as varied as human responses to natural and technological hazards, conservation, environmental perception and cognition to loneliness, stress and design.

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