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Best Online LPN To RN Programs | Affordable Colleges Online

An online LPN to RN program is ideal for licensed practical nurses who wish to advance their career opportunities and nursing knowledge base. Online programs offer the benefits of flexibility and convenience, while at the same time providing an advanced nursing education that meets more of the demands of 21st-century health care employers.

Posted: Thursday Sep 24, 2020

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Political Science Careers | Student Guide to Jobs for ...

Posted: (6 days ago) Political science careers require that applicants possess a flexible skill set. In class, students learn and hone these skills through classroom discussions, research, and writing papers. The six skills below represent only a few of the competencies that careers for political science majors demand from applicants.

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Careers for Healthcare Majors: Top Jobs & Salaries

Posted: (3 days ago) Courtney Szper is a behavioral health nurse with Telecare ACT Team in Portland, Oregon. As a part of an ACT, or assertive community treatment, team she provides comprehensive nursing care including assessments, medication management, education, supportive counseling and other supports for persons dealing with severe and persistent mental illness in addition to chronic health issues and co ...

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Careers in Education: Teaching Jobs & Salary Potential

Posted: (5 days ago) This job site is dedicated to job postings and job searches for teaching professionals, administrators and school recruiters. Applicants can post a profile and resume as well as scour the listings from more than 2,000 employers for free. Search by position, location and education specialty. Teaching Community,

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Computer Science Careers -

Posted: (5 days ago) The field of computer science has led the way in creating secure, well-paying jobs over the last decade—and that trend is expected to continue. Professionals in the field can pick from myriad established specialties, all with solid employment outlooks and good earning potential, or look to one of the emerging careers in the field.

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Engineering Careers and Salaries for Engineering Majors

Posted: (8 days ago) The emerging titan of job search, Indeed, now tallies more than 12,000 jobs in the engineering disciplines. Recent listings included openings for research scientists, manufacturing engineers, aerospace test managers, materials engineers, project engineers and managers, and weapons engineers.

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Biology Careers | Student Guide to Jobs for Biology Majors

Posted: (6 days ago) A biology degree opens you up to jobs in science, government, healthcare, and education. The following sections detail skills inherent to careers with a bachelor's in biology and explores various career paths and resources available to move you through your program.

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Philosophy Degree: Careers -

Posted: (2 days ago) The cognitive studies concentration is an interdisciplinary track that focuses primarily on the study of the mind. Students may question and gain insight into the ways people process and develop representation, thought and rationality. Cognitive studies can prepare students for careers in linguistics, computer science, psychology and neuroscience.

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Journalism Careers | Student Guide to Jobs for Journalism ...

Posted: (2 days ago) Earning a degree in journalism can prepare you for careers beyond traditional news media. Learn about the skills journalism majors learn and explore potential career paths and salary estimates to prepare for your post-graduation job search.

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Best Jobs for Grads with Finance Degrees: Careers & Salary ...

Posted: (2 days ago) The skills you acquire in a finance degree program are transferable across many fields and careers. While certain aspects of your coursework will focus specifically on the essential financial knowledge for a career in that area, colleges and universities know that a well-rounded, technology- and communication-focused curriculum will help students succeed post-graduation, in virtually any field.

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