What Does It Require to Become a Digital Editor?

Anyone engaged in the development and coordination of online material may find a satisfying job as a digital editor. Digital editors direct the operations of a digital publication team using their organizational and leadership abilities. If you’re considering a career as a digital editor, it’s helpful to understand what abilities and qualifications are required, as well as what you’ll be doing.

What Does It Require to Become a Digital Editor
What Does It Require to Become a Digital Editor?

So, what exactly is a digital editor?

The director of an online content team is a digital editor. Digital editors are in charge of creating, editing, formatting, and publishing digital material. They collaborate with a group of authors and visual artists to coordinate their content for internet distribution. Digital editors work for blogs, websites, and conventional media, such as periodicals and newspapers, that have a digital presence.

Digital editors’ career pathways

Other responsibilities in the publishing business that digital editors frequently fill include:

Editorial assistant

An editorial assistant aids workers that work on newspapers, periodicals, and blogs that publish a print or digital material. They assist authors with a variety of duties, including proofreading, producing basic tales, and fact-checking.


A publicist promotes their clients’ latest products, which might include films, albums, novels, restaurants, and fitness programs. They collaborate closely with paper and electronic media sources, as well as television and radio, to raise awareness on behalf of the publicist.



Newspapers, periodicals, books, and websites are all published by publishers. They are in charge of every part of the business, from hiring employees to monitoring and handling funds.


A writer is someone who writes articles for journals, periodicals, websites, and books. Articles are frequently assigned to writers by editors. They edit and proofread their own efforts to ensure that it is clear and error-free.

Digital media specialist

A digital media professional helps businesses, commodities, and services promote themselves online. They create digital material such as web pages, online ads, social media marketing, and blogs and manage their development.

Copy editor

A copy editor reviews produced text for mistakes, accuracy, and the appropriate style, tone, and voice for the newspaper. Copy editors are often overseen by an editor, such as a digital editor.

Copy editor
Copy editor

What are the steps to becoming a digital editor?

To gain a career as a digital editor, most people follow the appropriate steps:

Obtain publishing experience

Before being hired, digital writers normally work in the publishing industry for several years. Because digital editors do many of the same tasks as print editors, they may have worked in both digital and print media. Before becoming writers, many digital editors work in entry-level positions such as copy editors or editing assistants. These positions give hands-on writing and editing skills as well as a grasp of the publishing process. These positions can also help you learn how to use popular altering and layout applications.

Participate in professional associations

Members of the publishing business, especially digital editors, can benefit from professional organizations such as the Radio Television Digital News Association and the Society of Professional Journalists. Joining these organizations will provide you with access to seminars, online training sessions, and networking possibilities.

Make a portfolio of work that has been published

As part of their recruiting process for digital editors, many companies look at a portfolio of published work. Consider putting up a portfolio of current work in your chosen field, such as fashion or sports. Include a headshot, tagline, and brief biography that highlights what sets you unique from other candidates. Include multi-platform collaboration, such as full-length print editions and social network picture galleries, to demonstrate your ability to work across several platforms.

To Sum Up

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