Types Of Psychologist Specialties And Their Characteristics

Types Of Psychologist Specialties And Their Characteristics
Types Of Psychologist Specialties And Their Characteristics

What are the different types of psychologists, and what do they do in each of the several areas of psychology? Many people picture a woman or man sitting in an office taking notes as a client lies down on a leather fainting couch when they hear the word psychologist. Sure, many psychologists practice this kind of talk therapy, but psychologists also do a wide range of other things.

Did you know that psychologists examine how people behave and interact with their environment’s tools? Or that some psychologists have devised strategies to aid in the reduction of global warming? The following is a list of some of the different types of psychologists and their associated tasks.


These psychologists are also sometimes called biological psychologists or physiological psychologists. They study and perform research on the brain and behavior. By examining the neural bases of behavior, biopsychologists are able to understand different biological factors that might impact how people think, feel, and act.

This type of psychologist might also investigate how brain disease and injury impact behavior. By better understanding how people are affected by such injuries and diseases, researchers can also find new ways of preventing, treating, and managing serious brain illnesses and trauma.

Aviation Psychologists

These psychologists study pilots and other members of the flight crew. Aviation psychologists also do research on airline safety, create new training equipment, and assist in hiring qualified personnel.

An aviation psychologist, for example, may choose or even create psychological tests that are used to evaluate candidates for top pilot jobs. Because of the job’s highly specialized and sensitive nature, it’s important to choose individuals who are stable, healthy, and able to work under pressure. Aviation psychologists use their psychological expertise to guarantee that only the best candidates are selected for these important positions.

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychologists evaluate, diagnose, and treat people who are suffering from mental illness or psychological discomfort. In addition, they provide counseling and develop treatment programs.

Clinical psychologists are found in a variety of places, including hospitals, mental health clinics, and private practice. They are educated in a range of therapeutic methods, although they may specialize in diagnosing certain disorders or dealing with specific populations. A clinical psychologist may focus on drug addiction therapy, adult mental health, child mental health, or geriatric mental health, for example.

Community Psychologists

This kind of psychologist is interested in community health problems and does research on them. They also want to educate the public and create preventive programs. These experts are dedicated to helping individuals and communities in making good changes.

Community psychologists serve as professors, consultants, policy advisers, program administrators, and researchers in various settings, including government agencies, universities, community groups, and private companies.

Personality Psychologists

Personality psychologists look at the many elements of personality and how individual characteristics affect one’s life and behavior. Researchers in the area of personality psychology are specialized in a wide range of topics with practical applications.

They may, for example, study how personality develops and if it can be changed. They may also examine whether particular personality characteristics are linked to certain diseases or disorders, how personality affects people’s choices and the many variables that influence personality development.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from these short descriptions, psychology and psychologists cover a broad range of topics. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in psychology, you’ll need to figure out which path is ideal for you.