Top 8 Most Interesting Behavioral Psychology Secrets You Should Know

Top 8 Most Interesting Behavioral Psychology Secrets
Top 8 Most Interesting Behavioral Psychology Secrets

Many people say that, in this world, the most complicated thing is not the mysteries in the world around us, but the psychological world in each person. As life develops, the need to explore behavioral psychology is increasing day by day. So what is learning psychology for? Here are the top 10 most interesting secrets and tricks about human psychology that you need to know to understand the psychology and emotions of the opposite person.

What Is Behavioral Psychology?

Behaviorism, also known as Behavioral Psychology, is a theory of learning based on the notion that all behaviors can be learned conditioned (conditioned). Conditioning occurs through the object’s interactions with the environment.

Behavioral psychologists believe that a person’s response to environmental stimuli is what drives behavior. behavior can be systematically learned and clearly observed from the outside, without going into the inner psychological development.

Essentially, one only considers observable behaviors—things like perceptions, emotions, and moods, which are difficult to consider.

Top 8 Most Interesting Behavioral Psychology Secrets

Here are 10 psychological secrets and tricks that you should know to better understand the behavior of the people around you.

People Tend To Like To Talk About Themselves

This isn’t a new secret, but List Books thinks you should know that it’s a trick that will make you more successful in many communication situations. More specifically, when you know this issue well, you will once again win more sympathy in the eyes of the opponent, creating a premise for advancement in all aspects.

Why ? Simply put, because you know the other person tends to like to talk about themselves, so ask questions that make them talk more about themselves, thereby extracting as much information as you need.

People talk about themselves about 30-40% of the time. This number is very large. One study has shown that talking about yourself is strongly associated with increased activity in the brain’s mesolimbic dopamine system, the part of the brain that experiences pleasurable sensations such as for food, sex, and money. silver…

Who Is Staring At You?

Do you feel someone is looking at you? Yawn and look around to see if anyone is yawning with you. Because yawning is a very contagious behavior, if someone is looking at you intently, when you yawn, there is a high chance that person will also yawn.

Do You Want More Information from The Other Person?

More Information from The Other Person
More Information from The Other Person

If someone’s answer makes you unhappy with too little information, or you want to get more information from them. Behavior therapists recommend that don’t say anything, just stare at them, this will make the other person feel awkward and will continue to answer.

Who Likes You?

When the whole group is bursting into laughter at a joke in the group, people will tend to look towards the person they like the most. Now you know who you like and if someone likes you!

Starting Effect

Have you ever noticed that at the beginning of a new year, or a birthday, when you have just passed a new age or a new stage, your mood is usually happy, more motivated in study and work? This is also the time when you will see advertising and marketing campaigns become more aggressive and appeals are often more effective? Purchase demand also increased.

Because according to the fresh-start effect, people are more likely to take action towards a goal after timelines that represent new beginnings.

The Best Time To Remember

A study proves that people have the best memory capacity at the beginning and at the end of the day. Therefore, companies and businesses often organize important meetings and conferences at these two times.

Want Someone To Trust And Share Secrets With

You’ve heard the saying “it’s just a matter of mutual satisfaction”, right? If you want someone to tell you a secret about them, you have to share yours first.

Not only does this create the feeling that you trust the other person, it also creates a feeling of wanting to get closer to you and needing to reciprocate that trust by speaking out about their privacy and secrets.

This is also a method to help your relationship become closer and more sustainable.

Are You Confused When Choosing To Buy An Item?

Perhaps the confusion when choosing to buy a certain item is not a problem for anyone. So how can you make the best choice?

Simply, imagine that your left hand holds the item and your right hand is the corresponding amount you need to buy the item. Now evaluate which side is important and which side will you choose?

If you choose the left hand, then buy the item and if you choose the right hand, give it up, don’t hesitate anymore.