The Top Question You Should Prepare For A Science Job Interview

Job interview
Job interview

Getting a job after graduation is not always easy, as the unemployment rate in the US in 2021 is 6% and decreased to 3.8% recently, according to The US Bureau of Labor of Statistics. Even though the unemployment rate has reduced dramatically, 3.8% over 334,465,952 US citizens is not a small number. Science jobs are available, and hunger for human resources, still, there are some tips and questions you should know to better prepare to answer for your interview.

Why did you choose this job?

After all the easy questions to warm up, the interviewee will typically start with this question. This is an excellent opportunity to start selling yourself to the interviewee; you can first show some of your personal experience.

What do you know about our company?

This question is quite common as the interviewees want to check your willingness and devotion to work in their companies. There’s no sample answer for this question because each company has its own specialty and features. Before entering any interview, you should spend at least 10 minutes searching and skimming through the company you’re trying to get into. It’s also considered the basic politeness of the company.

What is the virtue that scientists need to work in this field?

This question is the opening for a series of questions related to your expertise. You can just briefly mention some of the most needed characteristics of being a scientist.

Example: A scientist is a wide range to describe, but I think hard-working, logical thinking, etc, and the most crucial factor is the expertise of one. Because if you are really good at something, your work will flow better and easier.

What are the primary responsibilities of your job?

Jobs responsibility
Job’s responsibility

This question is for your personal experience on the job, to check whether you know the expectations and real qualities of the scientist job. It would be best if you expressed all your preparation and understanding of the job.

How do you deal with changes?

Asking this question, the interviewers want to see whether you can adapt to the new changes. The changes here are not entirely the technology changes on the jobs, it’s related to the environmental change, your work culture change. 

Tell me some of your proudest moments

The interviewee wants to know about your past experience and success. Based on that information, you’ll be evaluated better for the job. It would help if you chose the most relevant and possibly benefit your future position at the company to tell the interviewee.

Why do you think you are fit for this job?

It’s not a trick question. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to pitch out your worth to the interviewees to increase your value and impression. You should try to be honest in this question, as exaggerating yourself will only get you in trouble.

Do you have any questions for us?

Any questions
Any questions

Asking this question is equal to the ending of the interview. Normally, if you have no questions for the interviewees, they might assume that you lack interest in the job. You should ask a few questions, in case you don’t have any further questions, you might ask the ones related to the working environment. Try avoiding complex questions as you are being interviewed, not the interviewees.


Being in an interview is never easy, good preparation is the key to every successful interview. We hope our blog can be helpful to you in your Science Career.