Special Things From A Mathematician

Special Things From A Mathematician
Special Things From A Mathematician

A mathematician is someone who uses an extensive knowledge of mathematics in their work, typically to solve mathematical problems. Mathematicians are concerned with numbers, data, quantity, structure, space, models, and change. However, if you think math is always focused on these things then think again. 

Questioning yourself

Mathematics is very interesting when it is made up of many different solutions with only one result. A formula that wants to be recognized as true, you have to prove it and give the result, if you can’t prove it and still give the result, it’s not called mathematics.

Don’t listen to anyone, question yourself, no matter what others say right or wrong, do it your way. As mentioned above, mathematics has many ways to find results, if others have used this way, don’t be dependent, find yourself another way to prove them right. This helps you train your mind and as well as your thinking more and more logically.

Content creation.

Like other scientists, no mathematician succeeds when they cannot construct a text for themselves. It would be surprising that mathematics would mention literature here, but if you really understand it, it will be easy to recognize. Mathematical proof always requires arguments, arguments, and evidence to be able to prove a formula, an equality is true or just find a correct result.

In the past, on a math test, you could prove it entirely with formulas and still get a high score. But if you want confidence in your results, try to practice writing arguments for those proofs. We all know math has a lot of solutions, as well as ways of reasoning, if you can’t build yourself a complete framework for that proof, you may fall into a vicious circle of not finding a solution. get the final result of the assignment. Or turn to another road and you have lost the topic, surely the result of the digression is completely wrong.

Before embarking on a proof problem, make yourself content with the main ideas that need to be proved in the article, it is almost like making an outline for an essay, you will follow the proof process. that you have mapped out and the end result will be found consistently following this procedure.

Thinking in two directions on the same problem.

Thinking in two directions on the same problem.
Thinking in two directions on the same problem.

Mathematicians can never be ready and accept a result, even if it is correct. They always wonder what the opposite of that question is, We can use the form “if A is true then B is right”

For a mathematician the question in their mind is always: If this is true, will the converse also be true? They always make it a habit to prove everything they see, even if the theorem is correct. Adopt this mindset, it will get you interested in math and help you understand the depth of proofs in math that you can solve on your own, without being overwhelmed by proven theorems. available proof.

Always start with the complicated sides.

The fun of being a mathematician is the difficulty of obstacles. They always do the hardest things, then the easy ones. They feel that when they find the results of the difficult things, they can fully understand the nature of the easy things. When a difficult thing is proved, all the rest will be easy to understand without having to delve too deeply, this is obvious to everyone. 

Difficulties are also challenges to help them stay motivated and enthusiastic, so will you because in a job that is too simple you will not feel the good or the fun of what you are doing. It takes experience, there must be obstacles, then you realize that it takes determination, and the process of doing it thanks to that determination, will be very interesting.

Solving math is like a long, velvety journey, and there are also many thorns. Which way you want to go depends on you. Just like opening a path for yourself, or putting yourself in a dead end of the arguments and evidence you find. If you look back and devote yourself to this subject, you will see that it is not difficult at all, but also more surprising and interesting. If you are a student who is afraid of math, try looking back once, otherwise you may regret leaving this interesting subject.