Do You Understand The Work Of A Mathematician?

Do You Understand The Work Of A Mathematician
Do You Understand The Work Of A Mathematician

Mathematics is probably a subject that many of us have and must learn during our school days. This is considered to be one of the oldest known basic sciences of mankind. Mathematicians are people who have a broad knowledge base about mathematics and use that knowledge to serve their work, typically solving math problems or problems. other related.

Brief Description Of Mathematicians

Currently, Mathematics is divided into two main branches, applied mathematics, and theoretical mathematics. For mathematicians, it will be the main trend of applied mathematics. That is, using mathematical knowledge to apply it in science, engineering, and business, solving mathematical problems that are outside the scope of normal pure mathematics.

Theoretical mathematicians do the opposite. They will focus on studying mathematical theories and schools, promoting the development of these theories to find new principles or formulas that are highly applicable in life as well as enrich their knowledge. knowledge of this science.

In general, regardless of school or branch, current mathematicians have made certain contributions to the development of science and technology as well as human knowledge. Above all, mathematicians are classified as high-paying jobs with low or very low pressure. Therefore, this will be a very suitable job for those who can’t stand work pressure. However, becoming a mathematician is not a simple story.

A Mathematician’s Tasks

Although it is divided into two main fields, theoretical and applied mathematics, in practice, the work of mathematicians in this field is not too different.

Theoretical Mathematician’s Work

For theoretical mathematicians, their work is primarily research and teaching.

In fact, the research of theoretical mathematicians is purely researched, that is, sometimes they just do research, regardless of the applicability of this research. This research helps them find and develop new theories, new formulas.

Sometimes, it will be to use old theories to learn and discover new truths or relationships between numbers, how they relate to each other, or even connect when ensuring certain conditions.

Theoretical mathematicians, in addition to focusing on research, can also do other jobs such as teaching at schools, especially universities. Because this is the level of learning advanced and more specialized knowledge of mathematics. The problems here are also more difficult, requiring learners to have solid knowledge, creating favorable conditions for mathematicians to both impart knowledge and discover problems. fresher perspective.

Mathematician jobs at schools will be as professors, doctorates, or other lecturers. That is, it will take charge of teaching classes, make teaching programs, assign exercises and help and support students to solve difficult problems in the learning process.

The Work Of An Applied Mathematician

For applied mathematicians, their work will be a little more diverse than for theoretical mathematicians.

The job of an applied mathematician is to apply mathematical knowledge, theories, and methods to solve problems arising in different fields of life such as construction, technology, commercial, technical,…

Almost any field will have the appearance of mathematics more or less. For example, in medicine, math helps doctors calculate the spread and spread of diseases, or in business, calculating the value of items, interest rates, and prices. With transportation, math will help engineers calculate the flight path to design the most convenient runway…

In general, the applications of mathematics are quite numerous so is the work of applied mathematicians. Mathematicians will rely on and apply the knowledge they have to apply in practice. Occasionally, they will also do some other math research.

With research work, they will only focus on research if it is highly applicable and feasible. That is, applied mathematicians will only study when the theory of the formula has high applicability in practice.