Differences Between Developer And Coder

Everyone knows that the terms Developer, Coder are used in the field of computers and technology. These terms refer to the people who make certain software or applications. However, are these 2 terms the same? If not, how are they different? Let’s find out about these questions in this blog.

What is a developer?

A Developer is someone who writes computer programs by using different programming languages, with the aim to design, build, and maintain computer software. In computer terms, a developer can be an expert in a certain area of computing or an expert in writing codes for various types of software.

 A Developer
A Developer

In addition, there is another definition of a Developer. The Developer is no different from a “conductor”, who conducts the orchestra ( the programming languages and codes) to create a perfect piece of music (computer software).

What are a Developer’s jobs?

A developer is someone who not only codes but also participates in all phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

Specifically, their work will include the tasks in the following list:

–          Build, design, and create a new application and software

–          Upgrade and repair existing applications and software

–          Build better handling functions

–          Research and develop new technology

Considering the Developer profession, there will be 5 different levels, including Junior developer, Senior developer, Leader developer, Mid-level manager, Senior Leader, respectively. Each of these ranks reflects their qualifications, skills, and income.

What is the difference between the Developer’s level and the Coder’s?

1.  Coders’ level

A coder is a person in charge of writing code so that an application or software can work and function properly. However, coders are sometimes unable or incompetent to do all the work in the required phase or part. In other words, their work may stop at the basic level for beginners. 

Coders’ level
Coders’ level

You should not use the word “Coders” indiscriminately, like calling people with more expertise as “coders”, since this action will make them angry and feel disrespected.

2. Programmers’ level

Programmers are rated a little more than Coders in terms of expertise. They can create computer software in any basic computer or programming language (Java, Python, Lisp…). Programmers are said to be superior to Coders even though they may specialize in only one area. They have to pay more attention to the details and are also more knowledgeable about algorithms. 

3. Developers’ level

Compared to the Programmer and Coder, the Developer’s level is even far beyond. They can design or build a data structure in the software. They can also write and create a complete computer software without regard to design or other features.

Developers' level
Developers’ level

Although Developers can only be experts in a certain programming language, in the overall operating process, developers are considered as the key to the development of any application or software. It is because of this ability that many companies often prefer to use Developers rather than Programmers.