Data Analyst And Its Related Professions

We are about to participate in the 4.0 technology era. Indeed, all human activities today are being significantly impacted by technology. That is why data is considered an important “resource”. The handling of this resource becomes urgent and requires specialists. There are a lot of data-related science jobs available in the marketplace at the moment, with different requirements and demands on human resources. In this blog, we will learn about data analytics and related professions.

Society’s demand for data analytics

Almost every organization and company is in need of recruiting personnel for data analysis, especially companies in fields such as banking, finance, sports, business, etc. They all require in-depth data analysis to guide future developments. For example, the two technology giants in the world today, Google and Facebook, have a large and highly specialized force of data analysts. These experts will play the role of processing data collected from users, making statistics, and providing useful analysis for the development direction of Google and Facebook.

Society's demand for data analytics
Society’s demand for data analytics

According to the World Economic Forum, the recruitment demand for the data analytics industry in 2020 has increased 6 times compared to 2015. Why is the market demanding so many data analysts while technology is gradually replacing humans? Some studies have shown that 80% of data analysis jobs need human effort, the remaining 20% can use machines. Machines can only do simple and pre-programmed tasks, while complex tasks demand human thinking to handle. That’s why the data analytics industry will continue to develop a larger workforce even as technology continues to evolve.

Some careers related to data analysis

1.       Data Analyst

The easiest job position to find in this industry is a data analyst. You will start with tasks such as collecting, doing the statistics, managing, and analyzing data as required by the company. For example, if you are a data analyst for an insurance company, your job is to collect information about customers such as age, gender, occupation, income, etc. This will help the company identify and expand the current, as well as potential customer file.

Data Analyst
Data Analyst

Once you have a long experience, you can participate in the decision-making process and plan the development direction for the company.

2.       Business Analyst

Business analysts optimize business operations, including evaluating existing business models, determining the most effective way to deliver products, assigning staffing, cutting costs,… As a business data analyst, you not only collect and analyze data, but also participate in discussions and make strategic decisions to develop the direction of the business.

Business Analyst
Business Analyst

3.       Data Scientist

Just like Data Analyst, Data Scientists are experts in the field of data collection and analysis. Most importantly, they master programming skills and machine learning expertise. If the Data Analyst can only identify development trends and use specific data to answer questions, the Data Scientist can also design new data models, write algorithms to predict the future development trends.

4.       Health care Analyst

Just like data analysts in general, healthcare data analysts collect and analyze data to help doctors, healthcare professionals, and organizations operate in this medical area to improve the quality of service provided to patients.