Architectural Engineering: Career Description & Job List

Architectural engineers integrate science and technology into the actual world by creating structures that improve our living standards and quality of life. As an architectural engineer, you may make a difference in people’s lives in a variety of ways. Buildings can be designed with structural systems that can resist earthquakes and tornadoes. 

Architectural Engineering - Career Description & Job List
Architectural Engineering – Career Description & Job List

What is architectural engineering?

Architectural engineering is a scientific and technology-based profession that focuses on the design of structures and communities. This job sector combines scientific concepts, building techniques, and environmental systems to design and construct structures that are economically feasible, long-lasting, and offer value to society as a whole. Architectural engineers work to solve a variety of problems, such as finding innovative methods to use renewable energy sources and ensuring building sustainability. 

What is architectural engineering?
What is architectural engineering?

Design engineers are particularly concerned with how to combine today’s powerful computer technology with the growing need for sustainable architectural solutions. Architectural engineering is sometimes known as building engineering or architecture engineering. 

Educational requirements

Architectural engineers are required to complete a five-year bachelor’s degree program. Upon completion of several 5-year programs, students are awarded a master’s degree in addition to their bachelor’s.

Educational requirements
Educational requirements

A bachelor’s degree program in architectural engineering often includes building materials and procedures, CAD, design analysis, and contemporary structural systems. Candidates for an architectural engineering degree spend a lot of time in design laboratories and studios. Many programs allow students to focus on a specific aspect of architectural engineering, such as electrical or mechanical engineering.

Architectural engineering careers

Electrical engineer

This sort of engineer works in a number of sectors and is responsible for designing and producing electrical technology and equipment. Electrical engineers may draw schematics, build electrical models using computer technologies, and supervise the fabrication of a prototype. They might try to improve present electronic goods or focus on inventing new electrical technologies. 

Engineering technician

Engineering technicians collaborate with industrial engineers to develop and implement plans for utilizing equipment and resources efficiently during the construction of structures. To improve total worker productivity, these specialists spend time analyzing how people do jobs and use equipment. They may recommend improvements to procedures or standards that will result in greater output and quality. 

Architectural project manager

These experts are in charge of managing all elements of a building project’s design and production. They may be in charge of creating construction plans, verifying that a project complies with zone regulations, and supervising the construction crew. Architectural project managers may work on building projects in the industrial, residential, or commercial sectors. 

Structural engineer

A structural engineer is responsible for ensuring that the structural features of a building project are sound. A structural engineer, for example, may examine a building’s foundations, floors, and beams to ensure that they fulfil safety and aesthetic criteria while still being cost-effective. Many structural engineers focus on a certain construction type, such as hotels or industries.