A Guide For Urban Planners: Urban Development’s Concepts

As an urban planner, your mission is to guide the urban development of an existing or new community while considering public and environmental welfare. Your careful planning needs to factor in aspects that make it a convenient, healthful, efficient and equitable place to live and work. 

At the same time, a good urban planner will also take a sustainable, climate-informed, and eco-friendly approach that manages the environment, promotes longevity and reduces the risk of disasters. 

What is urban planning?

Urban planning is a new discipline whose need has arisen due to the rising health issues, urban development, population growth, environmental degradation, poor sanitation, and pollution.

Urban planning is also referred to as town planning or city planning. in various areas worldwide and is considered an interdisciplinary field covering a wide range of disciplines, such as architecture, urban design, planning, architecture and city management.

An urban planner
An urban planner

What do urban planners do?

Urban planners job serves as an advocate for the community and should keep their best interests in mind. But, it becomes difficult to juggle land use, code enforcement, resources, economic development and transportation alongside urban development. Some urban planners might come across this regular task:

  • Work to maintain structures around cities
  • Planning green spaces and community facilities
  • Evaluate transportation trends and implement transportation plans that are in conjunction with the needs of the community
  • Ensure affordable housing
What do urban planners do
What do urban planners do

Good planning can help the city to drive constructive changes

Design for future

Whether you’re creating a whole new communal space from the ground up or expanding an existing city plan, you will often find yourself constrained by what’s already achievable. The planning process should be centred on a society’s long-term objectives and ambitions. Try to think beyond your current level of comfort and instead look ahead to the challenges that await you tomorrow.

Think outside of the box

Sustainable urban development is gradually gaining more recognition. In the modern era, one must be able to take socio-cultural, economic, and environmental elements into consideration. The new sustainable urban development plan must be a process of synergetic integration and co-evolution among the community. 

Consider the economic and social factors

An urban planner must try to provide development opportunities to small-scale companies while enhancing innovation and competition among industries that add benefit to society. The first steps towards this are analyzing and researching the current status of the environment and then create an actionable plan to meet those goals. 

Urban area
Urban area

Unhealthy and imbalanced societal variables like these can contribute to widespread disease and higher death rates. As a result, urban planners must devise methods that can better accommodate wealth distribution while taking into account available resources, as well as collaborate with local governments to guarantee that urbanization doesn’t negatively impact current residents.