8 Interesting Things Only At Business Analyst

8 Interesting Things Only At Business Analyst
8 Interesting Things Only At Business Analyst

Have you ever wondered what the job of a Business Analyst (BA) is? Advice for those who want to choose the BA path is not to skip this article. This is a share from a BA with many years in the profession and of course the list does not stop at 8.

Make The World A Better Place

If you can solve even just a few problems and help a few people get to know each other better you will do well for your day. The BA is the one who comes up with the solutions, and at the same time, is seen as the bridge between the stakeholders and the technical team.

This means that by becoming a BA, you are contributing to making the world a better place. While it may sound lofty for your role, in reality, the solutions you offer can be lifesavers for a business or organization.

Make Communication Between Parties Convenient

The difficulty in communication language between the parties is inevitable. Although you work with great people, the difference in expertise makes the exchange and communication process difficult.

This is when the role of a BA is most evident. You will be the one to create the perfect dialogue, helping the parties have the same understanding of the problem to achieve the best working efficiency.

You Can Ask Tough Questions

Indeed, BAs are the ones who ask the questions, and humorously say they get paid to pose tough questions. Asking tough questions that no one wants to be asked is the key to smooth project progress and solving potential business problems.

Of course, in order to ask good and right questions, a BA needs a lot of experience and knowledge in many fields. That’s why, while it may sound funny, asking tough questions is an important part of a BA’s job.

You Don’t Have To Be A Super Tech

Contrary to popular belief about the job of a BA, you do not need to be a coder. Sure, you’ll need to understand how the latest and greatest systems work, but you don’t have to build the system or understand it in detail. Because in the role of a BA, you can fully utilize analytical skills like Use cases, Wireframes and Data models.

You Don’t Have To Be A Super Tech

Non-stop Learning

An interesting feature about BAs is that they are people who never stop learning. A BA has a lot to learn from new fields, new techniques, new stakeholders, new approaches…. There is always something new and exciting in every project.

Therefore, when you have determined to become a BA, knowledge is your companion. Any understanding of a topic, field, industry, etc. can be used to your advantage when working as a BA.

Your Skills Have No Expiration Date

All the skills of a BA such as facilitating, problem solving, leadership will follow them throughout their career. The skills you learn from the moment you enter the field, from your first project to your 100th project, are applicable.

Because of this, people who do BA jobs are always honing their skills regularly and become quite accomplished people. In addition to professional knowledge, communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills are cultivated and enhanced.

Attractive Income

When it comes to the job, a BA certainly cannot ignore the attractive income. According to the most recent earnings survey, the average Business Analyst salary is up to $90,000 in the US for mid to senior level.

The Role Is Expanding Day By Day

The role of BA is becoming more and more popular and opening up more opportunities. Although Business Analysis work today has been widely developed in many countries, it is always a fresh choice for you to start.
The interesting thing here is that not only young people but also those who have been operating for many years in a certain profession can still become a BA. The knowledge and experience in your field is an advantage that even senior BAs admire. Not to mention that you could learn more and become a project manager very easily.