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Ten Great Careers in Chemistry - dummies

Posted: (7 days ago) All college chemistry majors must sooner or later ask the question: What can I do with a degree in chemistry? It’s a good question. Here are some typical jobs that chemists might hold, in case you’re thinking about your options. Patent attorney If you combine a degree in chemistry with a …

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Top 10 Careers In Chemistry That Are Marketable In 2021

Posted: (9 days ago) The top 10 marketable careers in chemistry are #1. Nanotechnologist #2.Chemical Engineering #3.Water Chemist #4. Toxicology...see the full list here

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15 Popular Chemistry Degree Jobs |

Posted: (11 days ago) Oct 11, 2021  · 15 Popular Chemistry Degree Jobs October 11, 2021. Share. This article has been approved by an Indeed Career Coach. Earning a degree in chemistry provides opportunities for a wide variety of careers in many different fields, including science, …

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Jobs in Chemistry | Mendeley Careers

Posted: (7 days ago) Top 10 Chemistry Jobs. If you have a particular interest in or aptitude for chemistry, or if you hold or are currently working towards a chemistry degree, you may wish to find out about potential careers in the industry. Chemistry jobs vary in nature, salary, and required qualifications; the information and list below is intended to help you to ...

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Careers in Chemistry: 15 Popular Options to Consider

Posted: (10 days ago) Jan 06, 2021  · Chemistry is crucial to oceanography because oceanographers will research marine ecosystems, performing scientific studies on water compounds, seafloor geology and ocean life. Jobs in this niche are competitive but high-paying, so if you land this position with the government, a university or an energy corporation, thank your lucky stars.

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72 Careers You Can Pursue with a Chemistry Degree

Posted: (7 days ago) The salary you could earn with a chemistry degree varies based on a wide variety of factors, such as: • The type, size, and budget of your employer • The discretion of your employer • Your level of education and experience • Your level of certification (if applicable) • The region in which you work • How much overtime you are able to work (if applicable) • The amount of responsibility inherent in your position • Your level of experience (it’s worth noting that people with several years …

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What jobs can you get with a chemistry major?

A talent for chemistry can lead to a career in research and development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, materials manufacturing, government or academia. Most jobs for chemists involve basic research or practical applications of research -- developing products such as drugs, cleaners or plastics.

What can you do with a degree in chemistry?

A chemistry degree qualifies a graduate for a wide variety of careers. Knowledge of chemical processes is essential in understanding how the Earth and the universe were formed, and how physical and biological processes work. Chemists work in food and medicine manufacture, and in environmental protection and remediation.

What types of jobs do chemists have?

They work in fields such as petroleum refining, mining, food processing, and water and sewage treatment. Government agencies also employ chemists in such areas as agriculture and pollution control. In addition, many chemists work for colleges and universities, hospitals, and independent research institutes.

What is the job description of a chemist?

Chemist Job Description. A chemist is a scientist that works with chemical substances, elements and structures. Specific tasks involved in being a chemist vary largely depending on the industry they work in, such as as cosmetics, mining, food processing and among others.

The Best Jobs and Career Advice for Chemistry Majors ...

Posted: (12 days ago) Aug 02, 2021  · Chemistry Teacher. Average Base Pay: $53,000. Number of Open Jobs: 3,300. Description: You will be responsible for following the curriculum and ensuring your students understand the coursework. Along with designing lesson plans, you will assign and grade homework, schedule tests/ quizzes and work one-on-one with students as needed.

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40 Best Jobs or Careers for Chemistry Majors - WiseStep

Posted: (9 days ago) Mar 16, 2016  · Best Careers for those Who Love Chemistry: Research and Development: Research and development have a wide range of opportunities for people who love chemistry. There are multiple jobs in various categories under research and development. A few of them are listed below.

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15 Top Paying Jobs for Chemistry Majors - OneClass Blog

Posted: (9 days ago) Nov 04, 2020  · An undergraduate degree in chemistry could be the first step toward a successful career with a great salary. Using data from, we identified some of the best-paying careers you can pursue as a chemistry major. Unsurprisingly, pre-med chemistry majors go on to earn significant salaries after additional schooling.

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Top Jobs for Chemistry Degree Majors — CareerExplorer

Posted: (13 days ago) Mar 20, 2019  · 1. Chemist. By far the most obvious job on the list, many chemistry students do go on to find work as chemists after their studies. Although some advanced positions require at least a master's degree, individuals with a bachelor's in chemistry are qualified for most associate or entry-level jobs.

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Best Chemistry Jobs- List of Top 10 Highest Paying ...

Posted: (12 days ago) Dec 04, 2019  · Best Chemistry Jobs – Top 10 Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs. Career is an essential aspect of anyone’s life. The career path we choose has a significant impression on various other facets of our lives. Thus, it is essential to choose a career wisely. If you are a chemistry professional or student, this article is just for you!

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31 of the Highest-Paying Science Jobs You Can Get

Posted: (13 days ago) Nov 26, 2020  · The top-paying science jobs list includes physics, chemistry, pharmacology, genetics, microbiology, geology, medical research, forensics, and more than half a dozen other areas. So if you're interested in scientific careers, you have plenty of lucrative possibilities to consider.

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5 Great Jobs for Chemistry Majors Totally Worth Your While

Posted: (11 days ago) Oct 15, 2019  · With high-paying and fulfilling careers available, women with chemistry degrees have an opportunity to break through gender barriers. If you’re looking for a career beyond teaching or solitary laboratory work, consider these jobs for chemistry majors that influence change, protect our environment, and shatter glass ceilings. 1. Food scientist

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9 High-Paying Jobs for Science Majors - 9 Science Careers

Posted: (11 days ago) Nov 08, 2021  · Physics, chemistry, astronomy, and geology are all physical sciences, which deal with the study of non-living matter. Here are nine high paying science careers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.) predicts that employment in most of these occupations will grow at least as fast as the average for all occupations between 2016 and 2026.

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12 Jobs for Chemistry Majors | The University Network

Posted: (10 days ago) A chemistry major is a perfect stepping stone to many careers in the natural sciences, and particularly careers developing chemical technologies and products. Chemists typically work in lab settings, conducting basic research or developing chemical products like drugs, materials, or even foods.

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Chemistry career options | RSC Education

Posted: (13 days ago) Career options. Chemical scientists are developing solutions to society’s biggest challenges. You could help develop a life-saving vaccine. Or invent a new way to cut air pollution. Or create a new type of biodegradable plastic. A qualification in chemistry opens doors to a wide range of careers.

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Chemistry Careers | BestColleges

Posted: (13 days ago) Feb 23, 2021  · Chemistry Career Paths. Many chemistry programs offer concentrations, allowing students to focus their learning. The list below describes five concentrations that lead to specific careers in chemistry. Pre-Health. A pre-health concentration prepares you for advanced training in fields like nursing, dentistry, medicine, and occupational therapy.

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Careers & the Chemical Sciences - American Chemical Society

Posted: (8 days ago) Explore over 40 fields and find the right path wherever you are in your career. Health & Safety. Process Chemistry. Biotechnology. Chemistry & the Law. Human Resources. Oil & Petroleum. Forensics. Environmental Chemistry.

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What to Do After B.Sc. Chemistry? Career Options, Courses ...

Posted: (10 days ago) Mar 01, 2019  · Career Options, Courses List & Jobs. BSc or Bachelor of Science degree opens up a number of career options for the candidates. Whether you are from Maths, Chemistry, Physics or Biology, BSc degree holder can always go for research work, advanced studies or career in related areas. After pursuing a BSc Chemistry candidates can go for different ...

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Top 10 Paying Careers in Chemistry - YouTube

Posted: (8 days ago) Top 10 Paying Careers in Chemistry is a video that researches the careers in chemistry and what they pay. This video is designed to show prospective chemistr...

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67 Job Opportunities after Bsc Chemistry (#TOP High Salary ...

Posted: (10 days ago) Feb 23, 2017  · You can choose a career as a quality controller if you have B.Sc Chemistry under graduate degree. Meanwhile, a quality controller is the person who test products based on the standard. Indeed, a quality controller may hold career in many industries such as food company, laboratory, health care, government, and more industries.

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10 Best Jobs For Chemistry Majors In 2021 - Zippia

Posted: (7 days ago) Jul 15, 2020  · In fact, we found that chemistry majors who work in the finance industry have an average salary of $66,239, while those who work in the education industry have an average salary of $41,023. If salary is the most important thing to you, then you should look for jobs in the finance industry. Rank.

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Top Entry-Level Jobs for Chemistry Majors — CareerExplorer

Posted: (9 days ago) Jun 17, 2019  · Top Entry-Level Jobs for Chemistry Majors 9 Entry-Level Chemistry Careers. If you're a chemistry graduate, you're in luck. Of all the science degrees, yours may be one of the most practical. Chemistry students spend hours in the lab over the course of their bachelor's, gaining valuable hands-on experience in professional experimental techniques.

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Chemistry Jobs | Glassdoor

Posted: (12 days ago) The top companies hiring now for Chemistry jobs are Moderna, St. James Healthcare, Absorption Systems, Microfabrica Inc, Stealth Mode Startup, Scismic, Sonora …

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What Can You Do with a Degree in Chemistry?

Posted: (11 days ago) Apr 07, 2014  · Cultura RM Exclusive/Matt Lincoln/Getty Images. One of the best undergraduate degrees for medical or dental school is chemistry. You'll take biology and physics classes while pursuing a chemistry degree, which puts you in a great position to excel at the MCAT or other entrance exams.

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What Types of Careers Can I do with a Degree in Chemistry?

Posted: (10 days ago) Some careers, both in the clinic and in the laboratory, are especially well suited for a person with a chemistry degree. Here is a look at some of the hottest healthcare careers for chemistry majors, in both direct care and laboratory settings. Medical Laboratory Scientist. Laboratory science is a classic career choice for chemists.

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What Are The Highest Paid Jobs In Chemistry?

Posted: (9 days ago) Aug 07, 2020  · Some careers, like analytical chemistry, prefer candidates to have a chemistry degree, while others, like research jobs, require you to have a Masters or PhD. Experience: In lieu of a degree, on-the-job experience or an apprenticeship can help set you apart in …

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Top 10 Chemistry Jobs | Work -

Posted: (7 days ago) Sep 22, 2018  · Top 10 Chemistry Jobs. The "Occupational Outlook Handbook" describes chemists as scientists who help develop and improve products, processes, and materials. While most chemists work in laboratories, there are several careers in the field that require field work or office work. Most chemists have at least a ...

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What Can You Do With a Chemistry Degree? -

Posted: (11 days ago) Jun 15, 2021  · What Chemistry Jobs Pay the Most? The highest-paying chemistry degree jobs typically require doctorates. Biochemists and biophysicists, for instance, earn a median annual salary of $94,490. The top 10% in the field earned a median salary of more than $182,870 as of 2019. Are Chemists in Demand?

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Learn About the Careers Available to Chemistry Majors

Posted: (12 days ago) Feb 13, 2004  · A bachelor's degree in chemistry or education (with a lot of chemistry courses) is necessary to teach at the K-12 level. A master's degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or related field opens up far more options. A terminal degree, such as a Ph.D. or M.D., leaves the field wide open. In the United States, you need at least 18 graduate ...

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Build an Impactful Career in Chemistry: Complete Guide ...

Posted: (9 days ago)

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Careers in Chemistry - Gordon College

Posted: (9 days ago) Brief descriptions of careers in chemistry provided by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Use the link above to bring you to a page from the American Chemical Society (ACS) where you can read brief descriptions about some careers in chemistry. The careers covered include: Agricultural Chemistry. Analytical Chemistry.

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Careers by Major - Chemistry | Career Centre

Posted: (8 days ago) Careers by Major - Chemistry. This program is offered through the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences. Each Careers by Major page provides lots of ideas on various career areas, as well as how to gain related skills and experience. Useful resources and job samples are also provided.

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Career in Chemistry: Top Courses, Universities & Scope ...

Posted: (12 days ago) Feb 06, 2020  · Career in Chemistry: List of Courses. There are varied courses available in the field of chemistry which students can choose from. Being a prominent field of Science, a multitude of programs are available at various levels like diploma’s, bachelor’s, master’s and PhD.Out of all the branches of science, chemistry is an interdisciplinary one which has resulted in a wide range of ...

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Top 10 Chemistry Jobs | Career Trend

Posted: (12 days ago) Dec 06, 2018  · Top 10 Best-Paying Chemistry Careers. In 2017, there were 84,400 chemists employed across the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That year, they earned a mean annual income of $81,870, meaning half earned more than this amount and half earned less. Chemists can work in a variety of specialized industries and the pay can ...

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20 Best physical chemistry jobs (Hiring Now!) | SimplyHired

Posted: (7 days ago) 12,580 physical chemistry jobs available. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New physical chemistry careers are added daily on The low-stress way to find your next physical chemistry job opportunity is on SimplyHired. There are over 12,580 physical chemistry careers waiting for you to apply!

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What can I do with a chemistry degree? |

Posted: (11 days ago) The main employers of chemistry graduates are in the chemical and related industries, such as: 1. agrochemicals 2. metallurgical 3. petrochemicals 4. pharmaceuticals 5. plastics and polymers 6. toiletries. However, you'll also find opportunities with employers in other sectors, including the food and drink industry, utilities and research, health and medical organisations, the government and scientific research organisations and agencies. You could also be employed in schools, colleges and universities…

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Careers in Biology & Chemistry | Work -

Posted: (13 days ago) Sep 12, 2012  · The Top Paid Ph.D. Careers People pursuing careers in biology and chemistry can choose from a number of different career paths in industry, government and academia. Advanced degrees are often required in specialized fields and are becoming more common in many others.

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Chemistry jobs in United States

Posted: (9 days ago) Oct 07, 2021  · Chemistry jobs in United States. 276 jobs to view and apply for now with Science Careers

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Top Careers In Chemistry After Graduation You Need To Know

Posted: (7 days ago) Mar 28, 2018  · Chemistry, just like other natural sciences, is the backbone of how the world is shaping up at present. It says a lot about the structure of things, how they react with and to each other, and the way they change. This knowledge opens up a wide range of career choices for you. Some of the most popular chemistry majors include:

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Guide to STEM Careers for Women | BestValueSchools

Posted: (10 days ago) Sep 17, 2020  · 8. Careers in STEM. “STEM” is an acronym that stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.”. Most often, people use the term to describe a specific category of degree programs in colleges and/or careers. People sometimes use variations of this acronym, such as STEAM, MINT, or STREAM, to incorporate topics such as Arts or ...

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Chemistry Careers | What You Can Do With Your Chem Degree

Posted: (7 days ago) STEMerch Store: the Channel: time donation):ón ...

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15 Highest Paying Biochemistry Jobs in 2021 | Exotic Careers

Posted: (11 days ago) Aug 04, 2021  · Clinical research associates earn an average annual salary of $97,186 in the United States. The top earners receiving more than $128,000 a year making it one of the highest paying biochemistry jobs in the U.S.. 4. Clinical Scientist (Biochemistry) Clinical scientists with a degree in biochemistry analyze samples from patients’ blood, urine, or other bodily fluids to assist with the …

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Course and Career Options Available After B.Sc. Chemistry?

Posted: (10 days ago) Feb 02, 2021  · Graduates of M.Sc in Applied Chemistry have a wide range of job opportunities like Government agencies, supply, and distribution of medicine, Defence services, and Hospitals. The average salary for a Master’s of Science in Applied Chemistry is between INR 3 and 4 LPA starting. Most students also opt for this course after B.Sc. Chemistry.

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Chemist jobs in Malaysia - November 2021 | Jora

Posted: (8 days ago) Chemist. new. HEXAGON MF COMPOSITE SDN. BHD. – Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor. RM2,000 - RM4,000 per month. Fresh graduate or 2 years of working experience in similar capacity or as a Chemist. Proficiency in word processing, spread sheets and databases. 2 days ago.

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Chemistry - Branches, Subjects, Scope, Careers, Courses ...

Posted: (7 days ago) Sep 12, 2021  · Chemistry Courses. Scope of chemistry as a career option is immense in India. Candidates can pursue degree, diploma and certificate courses in chemistry at undergraduate (UG), post graduate (PG) and doctoral levels.Take a look at the …

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Digital Learning & Online Textbooks – Cengage

Posted: (11 days ago) 2. Careers in Education: Another option for students interested in chemistry is to go into an education related field. Chemistry or chemical engineering majors can pursue certification to teach high school or middle school science. A second possibility would be to get a master's or Ph.D. and teach at the community college or university level.

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